Subjects and Objects in Verbs

Mitla Ruina Spanish verb endings indicate the subject of a sentence.
hablo ‘I speak’
hablas you speak’
habla he/she/it speaks’
Isthmus Zapotec verb endings also indicate subjects.
rizaya' I walk’     
rizalu' you walk’
rizabe he/she/it walks’ 
Subject endings attach to the Mayo verb only if there is no other word in the sentence to which it may attach.
‘I am hungry’
‘I am already hungry’
In Tzeltal, spoken in Chiapas, the subject of a transitive verb is indicated at the beginning, while the subject of the intransitive verb is indicated with an ending.
jna I know
ana you know
sna he/she/it knows
talon I went
talat you went
tal he/she/it went
Both subjects and objects are indicated at the beginning of Nahuatl verbs, spoken in the State of Michoacán.
nikita I see him
tikita you see him
kita he sees him
nimitsita I see you
mitsita he sees you
tinechita you see me
nechita he sees me