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Virtual museum of
the indigenous languages of Mexico

Mitla Ruin The Riches of Mexico’s Indian Languages


Mexico’s Indian Heritage

Are They Languages or Dialects?

Pride in Speaking a Native Language

Language Conflicts

Not All Languages Survive

The Danger That a Language Will Disappear

Language Change

  Fun with Words


Figures of Speech

Expressions of the Heart

Seri Auto Parts

Ways to Carry

Point of View


Naming Numbers

A Child’s Idea of Language Learning

Are You a Good Story Teller?

The Ram That Butted People

Grammar—How a Language Holds Together


Who Can Be Mentioned in a Sentence

Who Are ‘We’?

His, Her, Its

Types of Nouns

Plural Nouns

Little Words in Different Places

Words That Are Sentences

Subjects and Objects in Verbs

Totonac Verbs

Order of Words

  The Sounds of Mexico


What is Intonation?

What Are Tones?

Listen to the Sounds of Mexico’s Languages

Me'phaa (Tlapanec) Tongue Twister

    Writing Systems and Literacy


Ancient Mixtec Writing

New Literacy Creations

Designing a Writing System

How to Write “It’s Hot Out” in Tzeltal