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Mixe-Zoquean Family

Mixe, Popoluca, Zoque

This family of languages includes two subfamilies, the Mixean subfamily (which includes the Mixe languages of Oaxaca and also Sayula Popoluca and Oluta Popoluca in the state of Veracruz) and the Zoquean subfamily (which includes the Zoque languages of Chiapas, Oaxaca and Tabasco, and Sierra Popoluca and Texistepec Popoluca in Veracruz).

Map of Mexico Map: where the Mixe-Zoquean family languages are spoken Map: where the Mixe-Zoquean family languages are spoken
Specific varieties of languages in the Mixe-Zoquean Family
Name Materials
Ethnologue entries
Coatlán Mixe book mco
Isthmus Mixe book mir
Juquila Mixe book mxq
Mazatlán Mixe book mzl
North Central Mixe book neq
Quetzaltepec Mixe book pxm
Tlahuitoltepec Mixe book mxp
Totontepec Mixe book mto
Highland Popoluca book poi
Oluta Popoluca book plo
Sayula Popoluca book pos
Texistepec Popoluca book poq
Chimalapa Zoque book zoh
Copainalá Zoque book zoc
Francisco León Zoque book zos
Rayón Zoque book zor
Tabasco Zoque book zoq
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