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About the SIL-Mexico website


The main purpose of the SIL-Mexico website is to publish information related to the languages and cultures of present-day Mexico, including both indigenous (Indian) languages and signed languages. It serves as one of the primary publication outlets for the research and service activities conducted by the Instituto Lingüístico de Verano (Summer Institute of Linguistics) in the country.

Although the indigenous groups of Mexico have a long history stretching back thousands of years, the primary focus of this site is on their modern situation: their languages and cultures as they exist today and in the recent past. (There are, however, a few materials that take a historical perspective.)

Some of the material has been prepared primarily for use by native speakers, but we anticipate it will be of interest to others as well. Other material is more specialized and will primarily be of interest to linguists and anthropologists. Some items first appeared in printed form and are being republished here; others were written especially for the web.

The site also serves some secondary purposes, providing a means of distributing information about the Instituto Lingüístico de Verano, linguistic courses that it offers, and materials for learning and teaching linguistics.

Editorial policies

Although the SIL-Mexico website is a part of the SIL International website, it is also somewhat independent from it. It is developed and maintained by a separate editorial committee, and certain features of it (notably the use of Spanish in all the structural pages and many of the content pages) do not characterize the SIL International website as a whole.

New information and materials are being added regularly to the site (see the What's New page). Most authors whose work appears on this website are members of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, but the site also benefits from the contributions of others.

All material published here is first reviewed and recommended by peers, checked for accuracy and validity, and proofread (in both English and Spanish) before publication. Except in the case of field notes or other material identified as being of "prepublication" or "work paper" quality, material on this site must meet the same standards of quality that apply to print publication. If errors remain, please inform the editorial committee.

Editorial committee