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Literature Promotion and Distribution—Quechua


Quechua Literature

The literacy promotion and distribution strategy of visiting all accessible schools has taken about three years. Even so, Feli and Jan feel they have barely scratched the surface of the potential audience for literature among the Huaylas people. While they have yet to prove it statistically, they suspect that those who buy and read Quechua literature when they're young are later less likely to consider the Quechua language as inferior. Rather, these young Huaylas readers will feel that Quechua is worth reading and writing and that its literature can add to the firm foundation of their culture.

An important next step will be taken when those young readers recognize the contribution that they themselves can make to the Huaylas Quechua body of literature. Hopefully they will also find their own creative ways for it's promotion and distribution.

Quechua girls sitting on rock