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Literature Promotion and Distribution—Quechua

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Public Schools Strategy

Another literature strategy includes promotion and distribution in rural public schools. Jan and Feli offer selections they think young people would like and round down prices to limit the need for carrying a lot of small change. They make every effort to visit the same school on two consecutive days to give everyone who wanted to the chance to purchase some literature.

Feli and Jan report that school principals receive them warmly and have allowed them to enter the classrooms in almost every school they have visited. In each room a brief presentation is given of all the books they offer. They read one of them and orient the children to the three letters not found in the Spanish alphabet. Then they circulate through the room showing and selling books, keeping tally on the inventory sheets, and handing out alphabet sheets. There is lots of enthusiasm in the class at that time! Sometimes the teachers invite them to teach a song or to give more orientation on the Quechua alphabet.

Jan with Quechua children in school