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Literature Promotion and Distribution—Quechua

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Prospective Readers

Once the literature display is up in the Quechua market, Feli and Jan begin promoting the items by an appeal to prospective readers. They each hold up an enticing book and call out in Quechua to passersby to bring attention to the literature much as the vendors do to promote market wares. When someone shows interest, Feli or Jan begins reading the book to that person. Before long, others stop by. The two take turns reading, selling, refilling the display pockets, and chatting with their "customers". Some onlookers simply move on. Others join the curious crowd.

In the early days of distributing literature this way, often there were long breaks between "crowds". Not anymore. These days, the crowd flow stays fairly steady for several hours. For some, it's their first time to see Quechua written. They may simply listen, or out of curiosity, buy a low-priced item. With every purchase, the buyers receive an illustrated alphabet flyer to help them with the recognition of three important Quechua letters not found in the Spanish alphabet. Previous buyers often return to look for something more challenging.

Quechua woman reading to children