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UNESCO recognition: … SIL Intermediate Course for African leaders in Literacy and Education

Region: Africa

SIL Training Field Course for Africans

Intermediate Literacy Course Participants Intermediate Literacy Course Participants

African colleagues have been requesting high level training similar to the SIL training offered through coursework in Literacy Program Planning and Literacy Materials Development. Consequently an Intermediate Literacy Course (ILC) was conducted in Nairobi, Kenya.

Twenty-three Africans from five different countries enthusiastically participated in the course and received one-month of instruction each year over a period of three years (2004-2006). Between sessions, participants applied their newly gained knowledge to their activities within their on-going literacy programs.

Course Purpose

ILC Participant receiving certificate.
ILC Participant receiving certificate

In the words of the ILC Academic Director:

“The course is designed for Africans – for those who have potential to become literacy consultants, high-level literacy trainers, and/or literacy project coordinators and who need the tools for these roles.”

UNESCO Recognition

ILC participant at the
 course in Ruiru.
ILC participant at the course in Ruiru.

UNESCO offered their endorsement of the course and announced it on their website. Intermediate Literacy Course "Opening new chapters in literacy" 2004-2006 states:

“Sub-Sahara Africa has one of the lowest adult literacy rates in the world.”
“As lead agency for the United Nations Literacy Decade, UNESCO is pleased to acknowledge the contribution made [by this course] in furthering the professional development of those responsible for literacy programmes in the region.”

The endorsement by UNESCO was well received by the organizers and instructional staff alike. UNESCO acknowledged each of the twenty-three participants with certificates upon their completion of the final phase of the course.

The Future

Literacy learner 
	celebrating International Literacy Day.
Literacy learner celebrating International Literacy Day.

The recent graduates of the 2004-2006 ILC are stepping out with renewed confidence in their roles of leadership as they help meet the needs of generations reaching out for literacy and education. A second course begins in 2007 and another in French is planned to begin in 2008.

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