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Professional and Academic Relationships

SIL Literacy International serves as a consultancy agency with UNESCO. In that capacity, SIL participates and contributes to certain related events such as the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

SIL International, as an agency working in literacy initiatives worldwide, is a member organization in the International Literacy Network (ILN). A diverse group of organizations are participants in ILN.

Other Literacy Links

Additional information useful to the literacy practitioner can be found in a number of non-SIL websites. Their listing here does not imply any formal relationship with SIL International. They are simply included for academic informational networking.


The following chronological list will be useful to both SIL and non-SIL literacy practitioners to alert them to events in their areas of interest. These listings do not imply any particular endorsement or participation on the part of SIL Literacy International. Rather, they are given for informational purposes and to promote professional involvement.

Events that become past events are archived to serve as reference for information about contact persons and availability of presentations.