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Professional Papers and Presentations

SIL members in the literacy domain write papers and present them at a variety of professional conferences and other international events.

Papers and presentations listed in reverse chronological order. (See also: SIL Electronic Working Papers)

Sept. 18–21 2001
International Conference on Education & Development, Oxford ENG
Factors affecting community literacy programs: assessment and response Barbara Trudell
July 1–6 2001
11th World Cong-Comparative Education Societies, Chuungbuk KOR
Western education, indigenous education, or both?—Parents' voices from a small local community in Papua New Guinea Yasuko Nagai
February 9–13, 1998
Second Asia Regional Literacy Forum—Innovation and Professionalization in Adult Literacy
A Serious Attempt to Setup a Community-Owned Literacy Project Karsten and Irene van Riezen with Robert and Margaret Hunt