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Past events are archived to serve as references for contact information and to obtain copies of presentations.

The most recent conferences are listed first.


September 9, 2005
International Literacy Day 2005

July 24–29, 2005
Madison, Wisconsin, USA. 14th World Congress of Applied Linguistics.

May 1–5, 2005
San Antonio, Texas, USA. International Reading Association 50th Annual Convention.

February 23–25, 2005
Guatemala City, Guatemala. Guatemalan Reading Association 5th International Literacy Conference.
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November 5–7, 2004
29th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development.
Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

July 26–29, 2004
20th World Congress on Reading: “Literacy Across Cultures.”
Manila, Philippines.

July 9–11, 2004
United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA) 40th annual conference.
University of Manchester.

May 10–21, 2004
The Third Session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.
United Nations, New York.

SIL International Literacy Coordinator, Pat Kelley, moderated a panel discussion on May 11 in a side event at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. The topic was "Indigenous Women’s Issues in Education and Language Development: Challenges and Successes."


November 6–8, 2003
Conference on Language Development, Language Revitalization and Multilingual Education in Asia
Royal River Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.
Sponsored by the Institute of Language and Culture for Rural Development (Mahidol University-Salaya), SIL International, and UNESCO.

This conference provided a forum for practitioners with experience in language development, language revitalization, and multilingual education to interact with those who are responsible for and interested in fostering development among minority language communities and for shaping the education systems with which these communities interact.

September 8, 2003
International Literacy Day 2003 at the UN.


December 16–21, 2002
Singapore: AILA 2002. 13th World Conference of Applied Linguistics. Applied Linguistics in the 21st Century: Opportunities for Innovation and Creativity.
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October 12, 2002
"Let’s Read," the First Lady's Second National Book Festival at the U.S. Capitol and the National Mall.

September 5, 2002
International Literacy Day 2002 at the UN.

August 8–10, 2002
Endangered Languages and Literacy Conference, Foundation for Endangered Languages.

July 29–Aug. 1, 2002
Edinburgh, Scotland: The 19th World Congress on Reading, International Reading Association, University of Edinburgh.

July 29–Aug. 2, 2002
Durban, Africa: 2nd Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning.

March 19–23, 2002
Philadelphia, PA: National Association for Bilingual Education 2002.
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March 1–2, 2002
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 23rd annual Ethnography in Education Research Forum: "Dialogue across time, space and perspective". University of Pennsylvania campus. Sponsored by Center for Urban Ethnography and Graduate School of Education.


Nov. 13–17, 2001
Cape Town: International Literacy Conference. Literacy and Language in Global and Local Settings: New Direction for Research and Teaching. Breakwater Lodge.

Nov. 8–9, 2001
Stockholm: International Conference on Language and Visualization, Bonnier Conf. Center.

Sept. 7, 2001
International Literacy Day 2001 at the UN.