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Avian Flu, Bird Flu, H5N1, Avian Influenza

“Bird Flu” information for ethnic language communities

More than just millions of wild and domestic flocks will die if this flu begins to spread among humans.

ChickenA simple search can supply details about this disease for those who have internet access. However, that same information is not so accessible for many ethnic, minority groups. Because of their linguistic and geographic isolation, those communities are the least likely to have access to preventive information, until it is too late. Yet they are the people at highest risk to lose flocks and family during an outbreak. They need information in a language they understand in order to take preventative action.

Dr. Dianne Mathews, MD, MPH, an SIL International field member serving in Asia; and Dr. Indarto, the Indonesian veterinarian in charge of communicable animal diseases for Papua Province, are two professionals who understand the threat of Avian Flu. Following the suggestion of SIL’s Asia Area Director, Dr. Larry Jones, they collaborated to research the topic and produce some informative material on Avian Flu for ethnic groups in Indonesia.

SIL International and SIL’s Asia Area field office are making these materials available as free downloads for distribution and immediate use worldwide. A booklet and audio version provide basic risk and prevention information in story form, a means that many ethnic groups use to transmit information. The master copy of the booklet is diglot (English and Indonesian), so the story text could be translated into other languages. Of course there are several options for reproduction. For example, a single local language edition could be produced or a diglot version could be produced by simply substituting the local language in the appropriate places in the master copy. Reproduction of the audio could include radio broadcasting.

Reporting sick birdIllustrations for the Avian Flu booklet were done by SIL field personnel experienced in producing health and literacy materials. The two illustration sets reflect Papuan and Asian cultures. However, the line drawings are generic enough to be used as is or modified as needed for African and other ethnic groups. In other words, this booklet could easily be adapted because it is basically a shellbook.

The following statement should be included in the front matter of any reproduction of the materials.

Permission Statement

SIL International has created these Avian Flu educational materials as a service to communities around the world. Any or all parts of the materials, including the illustrations, may be copied, reproduced or adapted in order to meet local needs with the provision that the items reproduced are distributed free or at cost—not for commercial profit.

Any person or organization wishing to copy, reproduce, or adapt these materials for commercial purposes should first obtain permission from SIL International. (Email a request to: ).