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French/English Glossary of Linguistic Terms

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wanna-contraction (e)
wave1 (e)
wave2 (e)
wave perspective (e)
wave theory (e)
way of speaking (e)
weak (e)
weak adequacy (e)
weak cross(-)over (e)
weak declension (e)
weak form (e)
weak generative capacity (e)
weak syllable (e)
weak verb (e)
weakening (e)
weakly equivalent (e)
weather verb (e)
well-formed (e)
well-formed sentence (e)
well-formedness (e)
well-formedness condition (e)
Wernicke's aphasia (e)
Wernicke's area (e)
Wh-in-situ (e)
wh-island (e)
wh-island constraint (e)
whisper1 (e)
whisper2 (e)
whispered (e)
whispered vowel (e)
whispering (e)
whispery voice (e)
whistle(d) speech (e)
Wh-movement (e)
wh-phrase (e)
Wh-question (e)
Wh-raising (e)
wide scope (e)
widening of meaning (e)
windpipe (e)
witness (e)
word (e)
word accent (e)
word blindness (e)
word boundary (e)
word derived from an expression (e)
word family (e)
word list (e)
word play (e)
word stress (e)
word(-)class (e)
word-combination (e)
word-final (position) (e)
word(-)formation (e)
word-formation rule (e)
word-for-word translation (e)
word-for-word2 (e)
wordiness (e)
word-initial (position) (e)
word-level analysis (e)
word(-)order (e)
word-sound deafness (e)
wordy (e)
workchart (e)
working hypothesis (e)
world(-)view (e)
write1 (e)
write up (e)
write2 (e)
writer (e)
writing1 (e)
writing2 (e)
writing ability (e)
writing system (e)
written (e)
written form (e)
written language (e)
written medium (e)
written text (e)