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French word list


  sens collocatif
  sens compositionnel
  sens contextuel
  sens dérivé
  sens descriptif
  sens fondamental
  sens grammatical
sens lexical
  sens performatif
  sens référentiel
  sens réfléchi
  sens structural
  sens usuel
  sentiment linguistique


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lexical meaning

[Subentry of lexical, meaning]

Fr    sens lexical

Antonym(s): functional meaning, grammatical meaning, structural meaning

Related term(s): content word, contentive, full word, lexical word

Domain: Semantics


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English word list


  lexical access
  lexical choice
  lexical creativity
  lexical form
  lexical insertion
  lexical interference
lexical meaning
  lexical module
  lexical morpheme
  lexical redundancy
  lexical redundancy rule
  lexical representation
  lexicalist hypothesis


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