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  forme disjointe (du pronom)
  forme faible
  forme grammaticale
  forme lexicale
  forme d'organisation
  forme d'organisation complexe
  forme d'organisation élémentaire
  forme passive impersonnelle
  forme sandhi
  forme schématique
  forme surcomposée
  forme tactique


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bound morpheme

[Subentry of bound, morpheme]

Fr    forme liée, morphème lié

Synonym(s): bound form

Antonym(s): free form, free morpheme

Related term(s): affix1, combining form, confix, infix, inflection, prefix1, suffix1, syntheme

Domain: Morphology


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English word list


  borrow (from)
  borrowed (from)
  bottom-up methodology
  bound stress
  bound variable
  bounding node
  Bounding Theory


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