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French/English Glossary of Linguistic Terms

Editor-in-chief: Thomas Bearth

Managing editor and compiler: Charles Fennig

This glossary contains 7,837 French linguistic terms and 8,059 English linguistic terms. As a glossary, it does not define the terms but simply gives the equivalent(s) in the other language. Lexical and semantic relationships are displayed for many of the terms in both languages. Domains or schools of thought are also shown for many terms. All the qualified terms are indexed to major linguistic dictionaries and major works that represent specific domains or schools of thought in both languages.

A special definitions section is integrated into the glossary. Written in both languages, its main purpose is to allow the user to understand key concepts underlying French terminology, as well as gain access to innovative aspects of francophone linguistic thought and methodology.

We invite the participation of any linguists who would like to contribute to this work.

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