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What is supplemental information in a definition?



Supplemental information is an optional part of the definition of a lexical unit, containing culturally or logically expected information.

Examples (English)
  • Lexical unit

    Analytic definition

    Supplemental info


    To strike the palms of the hands together,

    as in applauding.


    A domesticated canine,

    raised in many breeds, commonly kept as a house pet.


    To put to death as in accordance with a legally imposed sentence,

    typically by means of the electric chair, hanging, firing squad, or lethal injection.

  • Kinds
      Here are some kinds of supplemental information:
    • Optional antecedents:

      • Cause
      • Condition
      • Grounds
      • Motivation
      • Reason
    • Optional consequents:

      • Consequence
      • Effect
      • Purpose
      • Result
    • Typical associated emotion
    • Typical attribute or characteristic
    • Typical connotation
    • Typical instrument
    • Typical means
    • Typical sociocultural context

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