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What is an insertion sequence?



An insertion sequence is a sequence of turns that intervenes between the first and second parts of an adjacency pair.

Examples (English)
  • In the following exchange, the turns which separate the parts of the request-acceptance pair are insertion sequences:

  • A: I wanted to order some more paint.(Request)
  • B: Yes, how many tubes would you like, sir? (Question 1)
  • A: Um, what's the price with tax? (Question 2)
  • B: Er, I'll just work that out for you. (Hold)
  • A: Thanks. (Acceptance)
  • B: Three nineteen a tube, sir. (Answer 2)
  • A: I'll have five, then. (Answer 1)
  • B: Here you go. (Acceptance)
  • Generic
      An insertion sequence is a kind of

    Levinson 1983 304–305

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