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What is an ambiguous consonant sequence?



An ambiguous consonant sequence is a phonetic string (segment or sequence) that may be interpreted as

  • a single consonant, or
  • two successive consonants.

Here is a table of some kinds of ambiguous consonant sequences with an example of each:


Ambiguous consonant sequence




Complex consonants
  • Labiovelar
  • Alveopalatal
  • Voiceless sonorant
  • Retroflexed consonant
  • [ã]
  • [þ]
  • [l¥]
  • [}]
Modified consonants
  • Labialized
  • Palatalized
  • Velarized
  • Aspirated
  • Prenasalized
  • Postnasalized
  • Glottalized
  • [kW]
  • [tJ]
  • [lì]
  • [kH]
  • [<k]
  • [b<]
  • [t?]

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