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What is a preinvitation?



A preinvitation is a presequence that is likely to be understood by the respondent as a signal of a coming invitation. The coming invitation may be a question-answer sequence concerning the availability of the participant to be invited.

Example (English)
  • The second and third turns of the following exchange are a preinvitation:

  • A: Hi, John.
  • B: Say, what’re you doing?
  • A: Well we’re going out. Why?
  • B: Oh, I was just gonna say come over here this evening.
  • Adapted from:

    Atkinson and Drew 1979 143, cited by Levinson 1983 346

  • Generic
      A preinvitation is a kind of

    Levinson 1983 346


    Atkinson and Drew 1979 143

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