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What is a misplacement marker?



A misplacement marker is a device used in a turn of conversation to indicate that the turn is in some way out of place.

Example (English)
  • In the last turn of the following exchange, by the way indicates that the turn is somewhat out of place:

  • H: So, maybe we can have lunch together tomorrow?
  • X: Okay, yeah, it’s, yes it’s fine, yes.
  • H: I’ll give you a call, I’ll give you a call tomorrow then, all right?
  • X: Um, hang on, one thing, I’m lecturing, um, that’s okay. I’m lecturing, I finish at 12:15.
  • H: Okay, 12:15. We’ll go to Shatin or someplace.
  • X: Yeah, yeah, sounds good.
  • H: Okay then.
  • X: Okay.
  • H: How do you feel, by the way?

  • Generic
      A misplacement marker is a kind of

    Tsui 1989 558–559

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