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Resources to help you prepare for language learning



When you know you will be learning another language, there are things you can do to prepare ahead of time.


The Language Learning bookshelf has many resources to help you

  • discover more about language and the language learning process
  • discover how your personal characteristics may affect the way you go about language learning.
Principal Resources

The principal resource to help you prepare for language learning is Prepare for Language Learning. Here is some more information about specific topics:


If you want to...

Then use ...

Learn more about language in general

Learn more about language learning

Learn more about characteristics of language learners in general and how they may effect language learning, and more about your own

Discover your own learning style characteristics and see how they can be applied to language learning

Discover more about your attitudes and the effect of attitudes on language learning

Learn about other factors that may affect the speed and ease with which you learn a language

Other resources

Here are some other resources relevant to this topic:


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