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Resources for language learning in other bookshelves



Here are some language learning resources in other bookshelves:

  Notes on Linguistics
  • "To learn to speak, must one speak?" by J. Albert Bickford

    The importance of listening

  • "Speech-led versus comprehension-led language learning" by Eddie Arthur
  • "Language learning tips" by Alec Harrison

    Avoiding problems created by the social status of language helpers

  • "Another language gauge" by Harriet S. Hill

    Evaluating your decoding ability

  • "Text-based language learning" by Harriet S. Hill
  • "Second language learning strategies: What the research has to say" by Rebecca Oxford-Carpenter
  • "Terminal 2/2+ in language learning" by Pamela Sue Wright

    The importance of phonology and grammar in fluency

  Notes on Sociolinguistics

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