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Overview of the language learning workshop


Types of resources

The Language Learning workshop contains different types of resources to help you meet your goals:

  • Books of modules on how to perform basic language learning tasks
  • Books of reference modules providing information to help you perform these tasks
  • A set of worksheets you can print out and copy for your own use
  • An expert system to help you identify and solve language learning problems
  • A set of learning style instruments to provide insights into how your learning style can affect the way you go about language learning
  • Online books and essays about language and culture learning
Ways to get at these resources

Here are three ways to look for resources in this workshop:


If you want ...

Then see ...

Resources to help you do a particular task

What you can do using the resources in the Language Learning workshop.

Resources on a particular topic

Topical list of resources in the Language Learning workshop.

An alphabetical list of resources

Alphabetical list of resources in the Language Learning workshop.

In this module group
  Here are the modules in the overview of the language learning workshop:

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