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Four approaches to language learning based on learning style



Your language learning experience will be more enjoyable, motivating, and successful if you take your preferences into account. You can choose from four approaches to language learning, based on your overall learning style. These approaches are designed to include activities and techniques that should be more enjoyable for you. On the other hand, you may sometimes need to operate outside your comfort zone in order to make the best progress in your learning.


Here are some general guidelines to follow when you decide on an approach to language learning based on your overall learning style:

  • Be sure your approach includes the following essential conditions for language acquisition:

  • If your learning style is a combination of two or more learning types, incorporate elements of the corresponding approaches to make your own customized approach.

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It is possible to use your learning style as an excuse to do only what feels comfortable to you, leaving out activities that could greatly enhance your learning. Sometimes it is necessary to do things that do not come naturally in order to progress. For instance, you may find it hard to get out and talk to people if you are an introvert. You can find ways to reduce this stress, but you must listen to people and talk with them to gain real communicative competence in a second language.

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