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Your personality type



The Myers-Briggs Type Inventory examines and reports your learning style in terms of personality types. The inventory is based on how individuals take in information, make decisions, and relate to people.


It is a copyrighted instrument that must be administered by someone with special training, so it is not included in LinguaLinks.


You may have already used the instrument in such a setting. If so, you will be able to enter your Myers-Briggs Type. This information will be combined with the results of other inventories to report your overall learning style.


The Myers-Briggs Type Inventory identifies individual preferences in terms of the following pairs of opposing preferences:

  • Introvert--Extrovert

    • Introverts think best by themselves by processing ideas in their own minds. They can be tired out by too much contact with other people.
    • Extroverts, on the other hand, are usually energized by being with other people and often think best if they can discuss their ideas.
  • Sensing--Intuitive

    • Sensing thinkers take in information sequentially through their senses and are most interested in the concrete and the here-and-now.
    • Intuitive thinkers are interested in theories and possibilities and often make good guesses without going through sequential steps.
  • Thinking--Feeling

    • People with a Thinking preference tend to make decisions objectively in a logical and impartial way.
    • People with a Feeling preference tend to make decisions subjectively on the basis of their feelings and perceived effects on other people.
  • Judging--Perceiving

    • People with a Judging preference like things to be clear and settled and strive for closure.
    • People with a Perceiving preference like things to be open-ended as long as possible.
Recording your Type

Click on Understanding Personality Type to record your type now. When you have recorded your personality type, the computer will ask you to type in your name so that it can record your results along with the results of other inventories in your personal learning style profile. To review the results of the inventory at any time, click on Learning Style Profile


To see how your personality type correlates with other learning style factors to make up your overall learning style:


Your overall learning style

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