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The Sensory Preferences Inventory



The Sensory Preferences Inventory examines and reports your learning style in terms of the three primary senses you use for processing information:

  • Visual (uses eyes to see objects, pictures, or written forms)
  • Auditory (uses ears to hear and mouth to speak)
  • Tactile (uses hands to touch, to handle, or to do things)

The Sensory Preferences Inventory consists of 24 preference statements. You indicate how well each statement describes you by responding with one of the following:

  • Almost always
  • Usually
  • Sometimes
  • Seldom
  • Almost never

Result: Your responses are scored and reported for each sense category. Degrees of Sense preference are as follows:

  • Very strong
  • Strong
  • Moderate
  • Slight
  • No

The program records the sensory preference results associated with your name for your future reference.

Taking the Inventory

Click on Sensory Preferences Inventory to take the inventory now. When you have finished the inventory, the computer will ask you to type in your name so that it can record your results along with the results of other inventories in your personal learning style profile. To review the results of the inventory at any time, click on Learning Style Profile .


To see how your personality type correlates with other learning style factors to make up your overall learning style:


Your overall learning style

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