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The Learning Type Test



The Learning Type Test examines and reports your learning style in terms of the following categories of how individuals gather and process information:

  • Meaning-oriented learners gather data concretely and process it reflectively

    • Use senses well to observe life and tend to sit back and consider what they observe
    • Focus on people
    • Favorite question is “Why?”
  • Theory-oriented learners gather data abstractly and process it reflectively

    • Begin with a concept or idea and then think around it
    • Use minds well and think sequentially with logical precision
    • Favorite question is “What?”
  • Solution-oriented learners gather data abstractly and process it actively

    • Start with a concept or idea, try it out and see if it works, and integrate theory and practice
    • Focus on results and enjoy finding practical solutions to problems
    • Their favorite question is: “How does this work?”
  • Activity-oriented learners gather information concretely and process it actively

    • Use their senses well to experience life and to apply this information to the world around them
    • Strength is flexibility and ability to achieve results
    • Like freedom to act and can be fun-loving and adventurous

The learning type test consists of 80 statements that describe beliefs and attitudes about ways to work, think, and interact with people.


You indicate your preferences by evaluating how well each statement describes you and by clicking on one of these responses:

  • Mostly true
  • Mostly untrue
  • Not sure

Result: The program reports your score on the 80 statements in terms of comparative numbers and descriptive words for each of the four learning types.


As a further evaluation, you read descriptions of the four types and indicate on a scale of 1 to 10 how you think you match each description.


Result: The program will display both scores together and ask you to make subjective adjustments in the results.


Finally, the program

  • gives you a graphic display of your learning type preferences
  • records your results, and
  • combines with the results of the other inventories to report your overall learning style.
Taking the Inventory

Click on Learning Type Test to take the inventory now. When you have finished the inventory, the computer will ask you to type in your name so that it can record your results along with the results of other inventories in your personal learning style profile. To review the results of the inventory at any time, click on Learning Style Profile.


To see how your personality type correlates with other learning style factors to make up your overall learning style:


Your overall learning style

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