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Brewster and Brewster 1976


Brewster, Tom and Elizabeth S. Brewster. 1976. Language Acquisition Made Practical (LAMP):: Field methods for language learners. Colorado Springs: Lingua House. 383pp.


A method for independent language learning based on the language learning cycle. The first third of the book is a detailed description of the method. The second two-thirds of the book discusses such things as

  • topics on which to base lessons
  • topics for comprehension practice
  • phonetics
  • syntax and morphology
  • cultural exploration
  • self-assessment

The principal contributions of this book are the emphasis on language as a social activity and a means of communication and relationship, as well as the wealth of resource materials in the latter part of the book. Some limitations are that the only method proposed is the language learning cycle, which is based on audio-lingual methodology, and that it does not spell out explicitly how the analytical materials in the latter part of the book are to be incorporated into the language learning cycle. Also, although suggestions are given as to ways to use total physical response activities, it is not clear how these can be used with the learning cycle.

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