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What you can do using the resources in the Language Learning workshop



Use this table to find help for doing various language and culture learning tasks:


If you want to ...

Then read ...

Prepare for language learning

Prepare for language learning, and Language learning principles

Discover your learning style and learn how to apply it to language learning

Your Learning Style and Language Learning

Set appropriate language learning goals

Setting your goals

Make a strategic plan for how to meet your language learning goals

Making a plan

Develop oral communication skills

Developing oral communication skills

Design a custom made language-culture learning program

Designing a L-C learning program, and Guidelines for a language and culture learning program

Find ideas for specific techniques and activities for language-culture learners

Techniques and activities for L-C learners

Learn about how society and culture are linked with language

Themes for sociocultural exploration

Evaluate your language proficiency

Check your progress

Read about other language learners' experiences

Language learning stories

Identify and solve language learning problems

Identify and solve problems,and The Language Learning Troubleshooter

Practice hearing and making phonetic sounds

IPA Tutor

See what topics are covered in the language learning workshop

Topical list of resources

See an alphabetical listing of resources in the workshop

Alphabetical list of resources

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