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Your learning type and language learning



Here are some language learning tips for people with each of the four learning types:

Meaning-Oriented Learners

You probably enjoy using the language to build relationships with people. You want to observe and analyze social situations. It is good for you to plan language learning activities around language functions and communication situations. You may be frustrated by a language learning program based on a grammatical syllabus. An approach to language learning you might enjoy is the Relational approach.

Theory-Oriented Learners

You may be more interested in how the language works and the theoretical implications of the language to linguistic theory. You may be less interested in using the language as a medium for communication. Achieving communicative competence may be needed in order to achieve something you want to do. You may need to work at activities that will help you develop communication skills and to gain a theoretical understanding of the language. You probably have high standards for yourself, which can be good. Do not set unreachable standards or you may become discouraged. An approach to language learning you might enjoy is the Analytical approach.

Solution-Oriented Learners

Your motivation for learning a language is probably to enable you to accomplish something useful or important. You are probably less interested in linguistic theory for its own sake. You probably like a structured and orderly presentation of materials with hands-on learning. You are likely conscientious and work hard. If you know the purpose of an activity that will help you be productive, you will be more motivated to do it. You will probably be less comfortable with open-ended activities, communicative activities and games. An approach to language learning you might enjoy is the Structured Approach.

Activity-Oriented Learners

You probably are more interested in getting out and doing things with people who speak the language. You may be less interested in studying by yourself. You may enjoy classroom activities that involve action and cooperation, such as games. If you get out and participate in activities where people use the language, you will have fun and learn a lot. You likely relate well to people and enjoy getting to know them. Classroom activities that involve drills and theory may not appeal to you. One approach to language learning you might enjoy is the Energetic approach.

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