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Stage 3 guidelines for reading: Interactional skills



Here are some interactional skills objectives for Stage 3 learners when reading:


    To learn how people interact through the written form such as personal and business letters

  • To observe the interactional skills used in dialogue as found in short stories, plays, novels, and so forth

Here are some interactional skills strategies for Stage 3 guidelines for reading:

  • Analysis

    If possible use letters and other written materials from your Text Portfolio file. Look for specific ways of interaction: questions asked, inference, joking, and so forth. What differences are there between personal and business letters? between formal and informal settings as described in prose?

  • Ask for help

    Discuss what you read with a mother-tongue speaker of the language. Articulate your hypotheses about rules of interaction gathered from what you have read and ask for confirmation or correction.


Here is an interactional skills technique for Stage 3 guidelines for reading:


Here are some interactional skills activities for Stage 3 guidelines for reading:


    Read materials on a variety of subjects in which there is interaction.

    Browse through magazines, newspapers, and other printed sources of material to see examples of interactions. Look with the special intent of noticing the way people interact, and the way they do not. Keep a notebook page with some of your insights about interactions. Try to them out in your verbal and written interactions.

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