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What you can understand people say at Intermediate level



Here are some of the things you can understand at Intermediate level:

  • Basic directions on how to get somewhere
  • Greetings and other very commonly occurring social routines
  • Questions about your personal background, family, and why you are in the country
  • Questions about your personal interests and activities, such as hobbies, sports, and subjects you know a lot about
  • Short, routine telephone conversations, well enough to be able to take a simple message for someone
  • Bits and pieces of radio or television announcements and news reports dealing with familiar topics or events
  • A description of a place or a person
  • Locations and times, if making arrangements to meet somebody later
  • Prices and amounts of money you need to pay in a shop, store, or market
  • Questions the shopkeeper might ask you about what exactly you want
  • Familiar words in conversations between mother-tongue speakers (If the topic is familiar, you might get the main ideas, but might not understand all they are saying )
  • Enough to carry on short conversations on concrete topics with friendly mother-tongue speakers used to dealing with foreigners, if they make an effort to help you to understand

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