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What you can say at Superior level



Here are the kinds of things you should be able to say at Superior level:

  • Persuade people to do something they do not want to do or to stop doing something you do not like
  • Describe a complex object, such as a car or bicycle or computer in detail, using the correct vocabulary
  • Present arguments on both sides of a familiar issue or topic and evaluate the merits of the arguments
  • Discuss a professional topic at length
  • Explain in detail a non-routine, complex process, such as how to do grammatical analysis or how to perform an operation
  • Present a talk at a professional meeting
  • Tell someone in detail the possible consequences of a certain situation, for example, if the price of coffee were to rise suddenly
  • Express what you think might happen if something unexpected occurs
  • Propose a course of action and defend your proposal in such a way that people might be persuaded to accept your idea
  • State a personal point of view on a subject, including controversial issues, explaining why you hold your beliefs
  • Handle formal business situations
  • Talk to dignitaries or influential people
  • Discuss issues in the news

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