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What you can say at Advanced level



Here are the kinds of things you should be able to say at Advanced level:

  • Describe a sequence of events that happened in the past
  • Describe things that used to happen in the past, such as things you used to do when you were younger, or people and places you used to know or visit
  • Compare and contrast two objects, customs or places
  • Talk about your future plans or goals
  • Explain a simple process you know how to do, such as making a cake or repairing a tire
  • Give instructions about what you would like someone to do, explaining the steps involved in carrying out an activity, such as when telling a housekeeper how you would like her to wash the clothes
  • Give a brief, organized, factual summary of what happened in an event you attended
  • Give advice to someone faced with making a decision, giving reasons for your advice
  • Lodge a complaint, giving the reasons and details of why you are dissatisfied
  • Express personal apologies clearly and appropriately to someone you have offended
  • State the advantages and disadvantages of a situation or a decision
  • Tell someone what you would do in a hypothetical situation, such as if you suddenly received a lot of money
  • Answer the telephone at home or at work
  • Describe your job and the organization you work for
  • Direct people to the right building or office
  • Handle simple job-related inquiries

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