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A tutor is a speaker of the language who works with you individually. Instruction from a tutor may be more or less structured, depending on the tutor and on your needs.


Here are some characteristics of working with a tutor:

  • There is more flexibility and opportunity to tailor instruction to meet your needs than in a classroom, where there are other students to consider.
  • A tutor often works with you on specific problem areas, rather than presenting a whole course of instruction.
  • There is more opportunity to ask questions and get personal feedback than in a classroom.
  • You determine the number of classes and the rate at which new material is presented.
  • You may be able to find a tutor who can teach you at times that fit your schedule better than classes.
  • It may be difficult to get someone to teach you enough hours to make rapid progress, if this is your only source of language instruction.
  • It will probably be more expensive per hour than attending a class.
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