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Testing your speaking proficiency



You can test your speaking proficiency by choosing a speaking task to perform, recording yourself, and listening to your performance later. You can compare your performance to the descriptions of different speaking proficiency levels in the ACTFL Guidelines.

  • Choose a task appropriate for the proficiency level you think describes you, or ask someone else to choose the task.
  • Do not rehearse the specific task ahead of time.


    The point is to see if you can perform a task that represents your overall proficiency, not to memorize a speech.

Things to do Example ; Example ; Example
  Here are the things to do when you test your speaking proficiency:
  • Choose a speaking task representative of what you think is your current level. Even better, ask a friend to choose a task for you so you will not choose something you know you can do.
  • Record yourself doing the task.
  • Reread the description of the different levels of speaking proficiency in the ACTFL guidelines.
  • Listen to the tape and decide as honestly as possible which level of the guidelines your performance matches.

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