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Novice (S 0): Prefunctional Proficiency speaking



You have to start somewhere and this is the level you will have to pass through to being able to really communicate in the language. Unless you have just a few weeks to get ready to go and will be in a country for just a week or two, you should not make this level your goal. You will have a hard time even being on your own as a tourist at this level of proficiency.


On the other hand, this is a very valuable and necessary stage in your learning. Here you lay the foundation for the higher stages of proficiency by building vocabulary and familiarizing yourself with the most basic structures of the language. In real communication situations, you may become frustrated. You will have only isolated words or a few memorized sentences to get you through every day survival situations. You probably will not be able to put many words together to make new utterances that people can understand.

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