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How to Make a Picture Book Plus Recordings



This module describes how to make your own Picture Book Plus Recordings if one is not available in the language you are learning.

  Here are some guidelines to follow when you make a Picture Book Plus Recordings:
  • Make your drawings as simple as possible and focus on the chosen topic. Make certain the drawings are suitable (and not offensive) to the culture.
  • Use the drawings initially to learn single words, later returning to the same drawings for sentences, finally using the same drawings for collections of sentences that make up a story. Draw your pictures so as to include sentence types listed in Brewster and Brewster 1976:322-349, or mentioned by Thomson in Chap 4.2 of Kick-starting your language learning.
  • Use lots of repetition and review a new word at least five or six times in the next drawings.
  • Reintroduce old vocabulary throughout the book.
  • Record each session and review it several times before moving on to new material.
Steps Example
  Follow these steps to make a Picture Book Plus Recordings:

Before your session

  1. Prepare your drawings.

During your session

  1. Demonstrate the technique to the language associate (LA) using your common language.
  2. Allow the LA time to look at the drawings for a while. Then record the LA's description of the drawings.

After your session

  1. Listen to each tape two or three times while looking at the pictures before going on to the next one.

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