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Example: Using a map to test your listening proficiency



You can use two copies of a town or city map to test your listening proficiency.

  Here are some guidelines to follow when you use a map to test your listening proficiency:
  • Use this technique if you think you are at Intermediate proficiency.
  • You can use this technique to learn to understand directions as well as to check proficiency.


    When testing yourself,

    • ask a speaker other than a language associate (LA) to test you, or
    • ask the LA to direct you to a place you have not already used in practice activities.
Things to do
  Here are the things to do when you use a town or city map to test your listening proficiency:
  • You choose understanding directions as a task appropriate to Intermediate level. Give a speaker of the language one copy of a town or city map and ask for directions on how to get from one place to another.
  • Listen to the directions and trace the path on your copy of the map.
  • Check with the speaker to see if you arrived at the right place.
  • Reread the description of the different levels of listening proficiency in the ACTFL guidelines.
  • Decide as honestly as possible which level of the guidelines your performance matches.

    If you got where you were supposed to most of the time, you are probably at Intermediate level.

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