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Example: Giving directions to test your speaking proficiency



You can test your speaking proficiency by directing someone to a place familiar to you.

  Here are some guidelines to follow when you give directions to test your speaking proficiency:
  • Use this task if you think you are at Intermediate level.
  • Ask the language associate to choose the place for which you are giving directions.


    If you are not able to rehearse, your performance is more likely to reflect your actual proficiency.

Things to do
  Here are the things to do to test your speaking proficiency by giving directions:
  • Ask a language associate ( LA ) to choose a place to which he or she wants you to give directions.
  • Record yourself giving the directions. Ask the LA to follow along on a map or to draw a diagram, indicating what you have said.
  • Listen to the recording, then read the description of the different levels of speaking proficiency in the ACTFL guidelines.
  • Decide as honestly as possible which level of the guidelines your performance matches.

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