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Language Learning Strategies
by Carol J. Orwig

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This book lists strategies language learners can use to make the language learning process successful for them. The strategies are listed by the main function they help to achieve and are linked to specific techniques that implement them. This information can help you become a more effective language learner by helping you plan your activities effectively.

Language learning strategies

What is a language learning strategy?
Comprehension strategies
Selective Attention strategy
Inference strategy
Top-down Processing strategy
Deduction strategy
Analysis strategy
Transfer strategy
Memory strategies
The Word Association strategy
The Visual Association strategy
Action Association strategy
The Grouping strategy
The Imagery strategy
The Contextualization strategy
Repetition strategy
Recombination strategy
The Structured Review strategy
Production strategies
Mimicry strategy
The Rehearsal strategy
Communication strategies
Circumlocution strategy
Message Adjustment strategy
The Code-switching strategy

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