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5.2. Systematic language learning in your new speech community


You'll want to continue formal language sessions even while you are branching out in your social life. In addition, you will be able to use some of your social visiting as a means of formally or semiformally working on language and culture learning. However, much of your visiting and participating in daily life should be just that. So then, as you are enriching your social life, you have a three-fold language learning strategy: 1) learning more in formal sessions with your LRP; 2) getting specific help from friends in the context of social visiting; 3) learning through social visiting and otherwise participating in community life.

How do you decide what to learn with your LRP as you keep progressing? First, you will want to put a lot of thought into your specific communicative needs. Second, you will want to continue working on your general communicative ability. 2

5.2.1 What should I learn next?
5.2.2 Carrying the language sessions into real-life encounters
5.2.3 Learning to communicate in general
5.2.4 Systematically expanding your cultural knowledge
5.2.5 Focusing on social skills
5.2.6 Focusing on language functions
5.2.7 Avoiding fossilization

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