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5.3. A Final Summary and Overview


At every point, I've left you with decisions which you have to make. You have to decide what vocabulary and sentence patterns to cover in each language session, and you have to decide how exactly you are going to cover them, within the confines of the techniques I suggested, or by other techniques that you may invent. You have to decide when you wish to begin relating parts of your sessions to outside communication situations by means of simple role-plays. You have to decide when you wish to begin using the language in heavy-duty conversational activities.

If you are an indecisive character, you may be wishing I had set everything down in black and white. Well, why don't you set some things down in black and white? Write out a rough proposal for your first two months of language learning. I'll give you my proposal for my first two months as a model, but you need to write out your proposal.

5.3.1 Greg's First Two Months of Language Learning:

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