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On "Humanism" in Language Teaching
by Earl W. Stevick
Originally published as:   Stevick, Earl W. 1990. On "humanism" in language teaching: A critical perspective. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

© 1990 Earl W. Stevick. Used by permission.



Purpose is to stimulate and to provoke thought, reflection, and debate. Focuses on the need for clarity of language and thought. Shows the importance of meaning what you say and seeking to understand properly what others attempt to say.

Strives for a humanistic understanding of others while pursuing objectivity, believing people need both rational and nonrational bases for action. Believes people function best when faith, experience, and intellect are in harmony (page 3). Examines humanism generally and specifically regarding language teaching, contending that rational discussion is only possible when the meaning of the term is clearly understood. Analyzes the terminology of Curran's (Counseling-Learning approach) and Gattegno's (science of education or silent way) methods.


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