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Preparing for Language Learning

You can prepare for self-directed language learning by learning language acquisition principles and by discovering your own learning style and implications of that style for the way you will go about learning a second language.

Are there things you can do to prepare for learning a language? We think so. The self-directed language learner can be helped by studentsinclass copy.jpg (29028 bytes)understanding basic principles about language and the language learning process, and by understanding one's own learning style and how that may affect the way one goes about language learning. As part of the LinguaLinks Library, SIL has developed materials to help the self-directed language learner prepare for language learning in these ways. Some of these materials are made available here as part of this Web site.

Principal tasks

These are the principal tasks involved in preparing for language learning:

Other resources

Here are some other resources in LinguaLinks that are relevant to this topic:
Approaches to language learning based on learning style
Suggestions about how to approach language learning in a way that fits your style.
Language learning strategies
Strategies language learners can use to make the process work for them.
Language Learning Stories
Read the experiences of other language learners and see what worked for them.