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Managing the Language Learning Process

We provide help for self-directed language learners in setting their goals, developing their own lessons, and for self-evaluation.

Most of us have never had to plan and manage our own language learning because teachers and curriculum designers did it for us. But in a typical field situation,  ladyreadlg.jpg (42183 bytes)there is no professional teacher. In such situations language learners must be self-directed; they need to set their own goals, develop their own lessons, and monitor their own progress. Although the emphasis is on providing help for field workers learning undocumented languages, many of the principles and techniques are applicable to self-directed learners of any language.

As part of the LinguaLinks product, SIL has developed an extensive set of resources to help the self-directed language learner with this task of managing the learning process. Many of these resources are made available here as part of this Web site.

Principal tasks

These are the principal tasks involved in planning and managing a language learning program:

Other resources

Here are some other resources in LinguaLinks that are relevant to this topic:
ACTFL proficiency guidelines
Descriptions of different levels of language proficiency for each of the four major language skills
Guidelines for a language and culture learning program
Suggestions for objectives, strategies, techniques, and activities appropriate for each stage of your language learning
Common purposes or functions of language
An inventory of some of the purposes for which people commonly use language
Ways to approach language learning
Descriptions of four approaches to language learning
Kick-starting your language learning
A developmental approach to language learning for beginning language learners by Greg Thomson. This paper gives specific suggestions for how to work with a speaker of a language to develop understanding of about 1000 words and basic grammatical structures.
Language learning strategies
Strategies language learners can use to make the process work for them