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Kenneth L. Pike (1912–2000)

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Kenneth Pike and siblings, 1916

Evelyn and Kenneth Pike wedding, 1938

Kenneth Pike, 1940

Evelyn, Kenneth, and Judith Pike, 1941

Kenneth Pike, second from left, with his seven siblings, circa 1916 when Kenneth was about 4 years old

Evelyn and Kenneth Pike on their wedding day, Mexico City, 1938

Kenneth Pike, circa 1940 at age 28

Evelyn and Kenneth Pike in the field (Oaxaca, Mexico) with first child Judith, 1941

Kenneth Pike graduation, 1942

Evelyn, Barbara, Judith, and Kenneth Pike, 1945

Pike family 1956

Kenneth and Evelyn Pike, 1961

Kenneth Pike at age 30 when he was awarded his PhD at the University of Michigan, 1942 [1]

Evelyn, second child Barbara, first child Judith, and Kenneth, in 1945

The Pike family in 1956 (back row from left: Judith, Evelyn, Kenneth; front row: Barbara and Stephen) Calvary Church, Santa Ana, CA

Kenneth and Evelyn Pike circa 1961

Kenneth Pike, 1988

Kenneth Pike, 1992

Kenneth and Evelyn Pike, 1992

Kenneth, Andrew, and Stephen Pike, 1993

Kenneth Pike in 1988 at age 76 climbing up a cliff, Georgian Bay, Ontario

Kenneth Pike in 1992 at age 80

Kenneth and Evelyn Pike circa 1992 [2]

Three generations of Pikes; Kenneth on left, son Stephen Pike on right, and Stephen's son Andrew, in 1993

Kenneth Pike, 1993

Kenneth and Evelyn Pike, 1994

Kenneth Pike and Tom Headland, 1994

Evelyn, Andrew, and Kenneth Pike, 1994

Kenneth Pike at the beach, in 1993 at age 81

Kenneth and Evelyn Pike in 1994 at the dedication of the portrait in the Pike Library, Dallas [3]

Kenneth Pike at age 82 with Tom Headland, one of his former students, in 1994

Evelyn and Kenneth Pike in 1994, with grandson Andrew, Dallas, Texas

[1] Spedding Studio, Ann Arbor, Michigan
[2] Photo by C. R. McKinney
[3] Portrait by Angela Carson Photography, Northville, Michigan

Kenneth L Pike: A daughter's tribute by Barbara Pike Ibach