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Kenneth L. Pike (1912–2000)

Drawing of Ken Pike at writing desk


From Pike's first published article in 1937 to an article published in 2002, two years after his death, the extent of his interests and influence is apparent.

Some of his publications that are republished here are:

Scattered throughout this site are examples of Pike's poetry and maxims that he was fond of.

My Choice

If it comes to a choice, I'll choose honest, gentle character, rather than production or position.

What is gain? The world? or fame?
What is loss? Obscureness not boss?

Can output and books cancel sad looks
Of Christ, my God for paths untrod?

Can vim and vigor, work done with rigor
Justify hurt from ungentleness curt?

Character's need-Let work go unheeded.
If choice must be made I'll choose unafraid-

God knows what is best-His choice, the test.
Though production may fall, I'll follow His call-

If care there be why cast it on me-
The task to be done by His wisdom's won-

March 15, 1952 K.L.P.