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Kenneth L. Pike (1912–2000)

Biography of Kenneth L. Pike

Drawing of Ken Pike in PeruIn Pike's autobiographical "A linguistic pilgrimage" he begins with his dreams toward a linguistic impact on the next generation. In a shorter autobiographical article "My pilgrimage in mission" he tells of his early childhood home, and of a disappointment in his early life which became one of the building blocks of his life.

An excerpt from "An autobiographical note on my experience with tone languages," illustrates an early insight into the tone problem Pike faced in Mixtec.

"A chronology of the life and work of Kenneth L. Pike" reveals the far-reaching impact of Pike's life over 80 years.

A number of personal tributes and interviews reveal other aspects of Pike's life.

Me? A Half Century?

(Fiftieth anniversary of graduation from Gordon College)

"Half a century," Says time—
My strongest fifty years.
And we lived it, War and peace,
Cars and planes, From sky to moon.
Pressure? Don't fret—
Don't swoon.

KLP 1983